About me

Sam Wemyss

Hi, I'm Sam! I am currently working on some exciting new features as a Software Engineer at Canva. I love the feeling of solving complex problems and spending time exploring the natural world around me.

Growing up on a farm I've always been a bit more connected to the environment than most, which is why I dream to build software that can help tackle one of the biggest problems of our time - climate change.

Me running up four tree hill

Day to day I like to hack away at side projects to pick up new skills, try out an idea, or even just have some fun...

The Red Tarn at Mt Cook, New Zealand, 2018

In my spare time I like going on hikes in the mountains, play video games and do something other than uni work 😊. Other random things I enjoy include archery, snowboarding and gardening.

If you want to get in touch - just click on one of the links below. 👍
Otherwise have a great day!